There are no true disciple-making movements in North America right now.

That statement may come as a surprise, but it is the conclusion of most (if not all) missions experts. We have mere sparks of movements in the United States and Canada, but no true movement-making fires.

Question: What is one thing that disciple-making movement leaders practice in other places that we do not yet practice in North America?

Answer: A strong emphasis on prayer and fasting.

This is what Jerry Trousdale and Glenn Sunshine write in Discipleship·org's new eBook sampler, The Kingdom Unleashed: "Every major revival and every movement of the Spirit was preceded by long, intense prayer. I believe that we will not see a true disciple-making movement in North America until we lay a foundation of 'long, intense prayer.'"

That is my personal focus right now.

That is why I am asking all my friends who lead churches and all the national discipleship leaders I know to read and pray through this short, yet powerful eBook.

That's why I'm sending this book to you.


Executive Director,