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  • Interesting facts about James
    • James appears immediately after Acts in many early NTs.
    • Some scholars think James was the first NT document to be written (sometime in the 40s). (Many conservative scholars believe Galatians is the oldest, penned in 48.) Note: James the brother of the Lord was executed in 62.
    • James has 108 verses—about the same length as Philippians, 1 Timothy, 1 Peter, and 1 John. (The Sermon on the Mount, by way of comparison, is 111 verses in length.)
    • The first-century Jewish writer and statesman Josephus devotes more of his history to James than to Jesus.
    • James eventually overtook Peter as the most influential leader in the Jerusalem church community (evident in Acts 15).
  • The recording features the translation of British N.T. scholar Ralph P. Martin, as found in The Word Biblical Commentary 48: James (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1988), 3-217. (That's why I call this version "RPM.")

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