When Christ Jesus says, "Sell your possessions and give to the poor" (Matthew 19:21 and Luke 12:33), what kind of possessions is he talking about? Does it mean I should sell my PS2 or my HDTV that my dad gave me for my graduation? -- Aaron Morales

In Luke 12, Jesus is stressing the need to remain unattached to material possessions. In the New Testament, the rich are commanded to be generous and willing to share (1 Timothy 6:18). If they have given away everything, they would no longer be rich--or even able to share! Only one rich man, as far as I know, was told to sell everything (Matthew 19:21, et par).

So the answer is, No, do not sell your HDTV. There may come a time, however, when you may decide to do so. If, for whatever reason, you decide to sell off some of your goods, make sure you have thought through the decision. You may want to read an excellent theological study on the topic, a book by Craig Blomberg, Neither Poverty Nor Riches.

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