Listen to Rejoicing in Osama bin Laden's Death (?) (11 minutes), one of several podcasts under the heading Politics.

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Scriptures referenced in this podcast:

  • Matthew 5:43-48
  • Ezekiel 18:21-23, 32
  • Job 31:29
  • Proverbs 24:17-18
  • Numbers 32:23
  • Romans 12:17-20


  1. Don’t join those who gloat, who rejoice in death. As columnist Jonathan Merritt, critiquing Christians who publicly celebrated the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (March 2013) put it, "We exhale, perhaps, but do not rejoice."
  2. Do however praise God that he is a God of justice, and that whether on this earth or in the world to come, justice will be served!
  3. Stop trying to be so politically correct. Get your convictions about how Christians should behave not from the media, or even from your church or Christian leaders, but from the scripture—from the character of Christ.
  4. Don’t make the mistake of trying to mix Christianity and politics.
  5. Aim for peace.

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