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Q&A 1436 – Clearing the Temple

When Jesus cleanses the Temple (Matt 21:12-13), he seems to have left himself open to charges of being violent or emotional or even sinful.... Read More

Q&A 1435 – Water from the rock: a contradiction?

I was reading the Torah, and I noticed that the stories in Numbers 20 and Exodus 17 are most likely parallels. Both have Moses giving the... Read More

Q&A 1434 – Missing generation in Matt 1?

I've been discussing the issue of the missing 42nd generation with a good friend of mine, and quite frankly, we're stuck. We've searched... Read More

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Supreme Court Wrestles with Lesbian Adoptions (by John Clayton)

Used with permission by John Clayton, of Does God Exist? On March 7, 2016, the Supreme Court reversed Alabama's refusal to recognize... Read More

Risen (Joseph Fiennes)

For a podcast (42 mins) on the 2016 film Risen, click on the arrow below. Great lines: "The gods are angry" . -- "One of them is... Read More

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Following is the 2010-2016 CURRENT EVENTS & ISSUES PODCAST LIST. On average, each week one new podcast will be recorded... Read More

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I’ve been reading through your book on Psalms, Thrive!, combining it with my personal study of Psalms. Each chapter is cutting deeper. Thrive! is really leveraging God's word. The two together are reawakening a dull heart. Thank you!

— T.K., on Douglas’ book Thrive!