Loving our neighbors well through disagreements can be tough, especially when it comes to topics like climate change. But to be part of the solution, we have to start with a conversation that shows how science and faith can work hand in hand.
On Thursday, October 13, join BioLogos President Deb Haarsma and ecologist Rick Lindroth at Sherman Street Church as they discuss the realities of today’s cultural environment and how we can better see and understand one another. See gracious dialogue modeled in conversations around trust and values, and come away with practical tips when talking to friends & family.

Sherman Street Church1000 Sherman St SEGrand Rapids, MI 49506

Thursday, October 13Event Begins at 7 PMNo RSVP Required
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Deb Haarsma is President of BioLogos. She is an astronomer and frequent speaker on modern science and Christian faith. She wrote the book Origins with her husband and fellow physicist, Loren Haarsma, presenting the agreements and disagreements among Christians regarding the history of life and the universe.
Rick Lindroth is a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Ecology and recent Associate Dean for Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focuses on evolutionary ecology and global change ecology in forest ecosystems. 
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