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Greg Ogden has written many books on discipleship, including the best-selling books Transforming Discipleship and Discipleship Essentials. He is one of the most prolific discipleship authors of our time.

So what does Ogden say about how to make reproducing disciples of Jesus? Take the example of an eager, new believer approaching you. What would you do if they said to you, “I am a new follower of Jesus, I'm excited to grow in my faith, and I want to help others do the same. Do you have a plan to help me?”

Greg Ogden's answer starts with the end in mind. But how do we get there? (Hint: it includes a vehicle, driver, and map [GPS].)

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Be inspired by the stories of these disciple-making veterans and how the local church can be transformed into communities of disciple makers!
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P.S. You can see Greg Ogden live at the National Disciple Making Forum click here to register.