It was just over a week ago that Renew launched. According to our feedback, it was a very successful gathering. Whether you were in attendance or not please join us in praising God for such an encouraging launch while you read this brief summary of the gathering:

1. 280 leaders registered for the launch gathering, from 17 states and 7 countries

Men and women, some older, some younger, from many backgrounds and ethnicities gathered on October 24th. 280 leaders from 17 states and such diverse places from around the world as Sierra Leone (Africa), India, and China were present. What an amazing group God provided for our launch!

2. Prayer was emphasized; the gathering uniquely featured a commitment to prayer

We believe renewal starts with prayer and fasting, so we made the commitment to the “tithing of our time” to prayer at the gathering. After two presentations on each of the seven elements of Renewal, we stopped to pray. There were also people meeting in a prayer room the whole day, praying for the gathering. In addition, Shodankeh Johnson, one of the first speakers from Sierra Leone, had thousands of the people in his disciple making movement in West African praying for the gathering. Thank you to all who joined us in petitioning God that day!

3. Collaboration and unity were on display with key leaders from Christian Churches, Churches of Christ, International Churches of Christ, and various other denominational backgrounds all working together for the first time

For the first time key leaders from Christian Churches (Brett Andrews, Bobby Harrington, Tony Twist), Churches of Christ (David Young, David Clayton, Rick Oster), International Churches of Christ (Douglas Jacoby, Christian Ray, Reese Neyland), and those with diverse denomination ties (Shodankeh Johnson, Matthew Bates) agreed to work together and form a network. Renew partners come from these diverse backgrounds but everyone is united based upon the mission of making disciples and Renew’s theological affirmations and values.

4. The empowerment of women within a biblical framework was celebrated

Sydney Clayton (Ethos Church), Renee Sproles (The School of Christian Thought, Murfreesboro), and Sash Noe (Medical Marijuana expert from Florida) spoke on different key topics; all displayed the empowerment of women. We have received positive feedback as Renew seeks to promote the empowerment of women according to their gifts and abilities while affirming God’s created order and the complementary harmony between men and women taught in the Bible.

5. The Disciple Making Mission – the gathering ended with a stirring presentation by Brett Andrews on how Renew is focused on disciple making while being fueled by Jesus’ teachings and the power of the Holy Spirit

All in all it was a very encouraging and inspiring day. We will be releasing videos of all the presentations in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to for more information.

Next week we will start promoting the first of our 12 free eBooks and our coaching groups for individual disciple makers. You can also find out about these resources and see our blogs and podcasts by going to

For King Jesus,
Bobby Harrington & Jason Henderson