Hi Friends,
I am excited to tell you that we landed on a name for the network and a website that is a little different than when we last communicated with you.
Name of the network:

  • Renew Network
  • Website (launching in October): Renew.org

Renew Network (renew.org) seeks to re-frame the best of the Restoration Movement with a focus on Jesus-style disciple making.

  • Renew Biblical Christianity
  • Renew us in the Image of Jesus
  • Renew Jesus-Style Disciple Making
  • Renew the vision of the church as God intends it to be
  • … Participate in the Kingdom of God as God RENEWS ALL THINGS!

Click Here to view a presentation which is a summary of our Branding, Positioning, and Partnerships!

We hope to start emailing you updates on a regular basis.