The Newsletter of IBTM 
with Douglas Jacoby

12 June 2024

Greetings from Lancashire—back from London and a successful session of AIM UK-Ireland, on Evidences & Evangelism. In addition to new UK students, a group from Ghana also joined us (online). It’s always a pleasure to present with my UK teaching colleagues, Malcolm Cox and Andy Boakye.


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Follow Women of Worth as Vicki Jacoby ponders anew the women of the Bible, the well-known and also the little-known. Women of Worth is not only a fresh look at scores of interesting biblical characters, but also a source of inspiration for daily Christian living. You can check them out anywhere you normally listen to podcasts (see above). Or follow the episodes, as they are posted, by following THIS LINK.

Vicki and I have had many conversations with one another—and with many of you—about the condition of churches worldwide. We aren’t speaking for all Christians or all the Churches of Christ… but we do speak frankly. Check out Conversations HERE.

Today's Tumultuous Times are the Result of a Worldview

Guest article by Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason

Unless we address a worldview problem at its core, no amount of symptom alleviation will solve the problem.

Imagine you don’t know you have COVID-19 but experience fever and nasal drip. You take a Tylenol for the fever and an antihistamine for the nasal drip. You begin to feel better after a day, but soon the symptoms return. Plus, you start coughing and feel short of breath… KEEP READING THE ARTICLE

Great Quotes

  • Be thankful if your job is a little harder than you like. A razor can’t be sharpened on a piece of velvet.
  • Don’t stay away from church because you have the idea there are too many hypocrites in it. There’s always room for one more!
  • We may confess small faults to convey the impression that we have no big ones.
  • The average man thinks he isn’t.

Back to Türkiye

Tomorrow we fly to Istanbul, where I’ll be conducting a short tour before the Antioch Seminar (17-24 June), which traces the route of Saul and Barnabas on the First Missionary Journey. The Antioch Seminar (about 110 people from multiple denominations) combines lectures and visits along the route taken by the apostle Paul.

I also look forward to continuing my outreach to one of our local Turkish guides. (Like most Turks, he is a Muslim.) Prayers appreciated.

Not surprisingly—and partly because the schedule is packed—the next two newsletters will focus on biblical Turkey, with lots of photos!

With love from Lancashire,