The Newsletter of IBTM
with Douglas Jacoby

26 June 2025


Greetings from Cappadocia, a land of remarkable geology as well as a region where the gospel took root in the first century (1 Peter 1:1; Acts 2:9). It’s especially known for its 100s of “cave churches.”

As we leave Turkey tomorrow, we are filled with great memories, encouraged by new relationships, and already looking forward to the chance to return, Lord willing. Perhaps one day you’ll be able to join us—please see the double-invitation below.

Many of the highlights are captured in this week's photos. For some truly surprising good news, refer to the end of this newsletter. As always, thanks for your interest and support.

Turkish History: Key Dates

Please keep in mind that, geographically speaking, Turkey is the second land of the Bible, for all the reasons explained last week. For a chronology (list of dates), please click HERE.

The photos (nearly all connected with the First Missionary Journey) are followed by two opportunities to tour Turkey, both in 2025.

Roman road, Tarsus / bridge connecting Tarsus to Antioch / Flag of Cyprus / Salamis x2

Mosaic from “House of Theseus” (Sergius Paulus) / Salamis / Paphos / Cypriot coastline


Quick snap from moving bus / 1000-year-old caravanserai / Antalya / Attalia Harbor / Perga


Cave church / Cappadocian sunrise / ancient lamps

The 7 Churches of Revelation
7-13 June 2025

This one-week program, including the Global Smyrna Meeting, has been called the most comprehensive meeting and exploration of the Seven Cities of Revelation ever organized.

Includes hotel in Izmir (6 nights with breakfast and dinner); 5 lunches; all entrance fees; airport transfers; transportation by coach; service charges and local taxes.

It’s my honor to be one of the invited speakers, and it’s always exciting to return Ephesus and other inspiring biblical sites.

Commemorating the 1700th Anniversary of the Council of Nicaea
12-21 June 2025

History was made in the Bithynian city of Nicaea, modern İznik. There the emperor Constantine gathered hundreds of bishops and their assistants from the Eastern and Western parts of the empire. Why? To resolve a controversy raging in the church. Arius, a presbyter in Alexandria, was teaching that Jesus was created and not equal in essence with the Father. Constantine realized that this matter needed resolution to bring unity to his empire. In 325 the council decided that the teaching of Arius was incompatible with the teaching of Scripture. The bishops then issued a confession of faith today known as the Nicene Creed. Christians are gathering in Nicaea in 2025 to remember this historic moment and its ongoing spiritual significance for the global church.

The other six ecumenical councils also took place in Turkey, so our visit will include not only Nicaea, where the 7th council took place as well, but also Constantinople and Chalcedon (İstanbul) where four other councils were held.

Lectures by historians and theologians will explain the background of each council and its importance in church history. Join us for this once-in-a-century event!  MORE INFO HERE

Prof. Dr. Mark Wilson, Seven Churches Network

Great News

Our Sunday evening online communion services (7pm UK time) are now in their 4th year, and continue whether we’re traveling or at home in England. Each week there’s a slightly different group. Three days ago, for example, saw a blend of Italian, Filipino, South African, Canadian, Scottish, English, Trinidadian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Jordanian, Iraqi, Australian, and American (New York, Texas, California), with some joining from the Antioch Seminar (Turkey). Although it is not “church,” still the group has met many needs. It also remind us that the family of God is not limited to or defined by any one country or culture.

Finally, we were surprised—really, amazed—when the Muslim man I’ve been connecting with for the past two years here in Turkey shared about his conversion. (You may recall that last week I asked you for prayers for him.) In 2022 we had started out by studying the Gospel of John.

I was stunned that he credits me as his mentor, and also the person who got him into God’s Word. This is over-generous. Others too have played a role in his journey to God. He was actually baptized last year—although he’d held back the good news from many, me included! I believe he preferred to inform me in person.

It’s inspiring to see how God uses us when we plant seeds, water, or simply keep caring—whether or not we are aware of how he is moving. So, if you want to pray, pray not for his conversion, but for continued spiritual growth.

Until next week,