January 2005

Douglas Jacoby's visit to Manila was a breath of fresh air, a great start for the New Year. After his teaching time in Hong Kong, Doug flew a few hours South to the Philippines, just in time for the beginning of various Philippine workshops.

On the first day, Doug spoke to one region on the Wisdom Literature. In one 'teaching sermon,' he went through the books from Job to Song of Songs, explaining the purpose of each book. He also cautioned the listeners on the possible misuse of verses when taken out of context. He ended with a charge for the church to go higher in its spirituality by digging deeper into Bible truths.

Later that day, Doug had a lunch forum with members of the Manila Teaching Committee. Topics were raised on hermeneutics, church education, and developing teaching ministries. In the evening, Doug met with the MMCC Bible Talk leaders (around 1000 disciples, including the Teaching Committee and Region Core group representatives). He spoke on 'The Spirit-filled Church,' identifying the signs of spiritual burnout while encouraging the group to rely on God for the long run. There was also a lengthy Q&A portion. Topics such as gifts of the Spirit, 'restoration,' ICOC changes, and personal growth were addressed. Afterwards, Doug met with the MMCC Council (Church Board) on various matters such as staff education and church unity.

Doug met with the Staff and city church leaders on the following day. Two lessons were given: 'Unity within Diversity' and 'The Essentials of the Faith.' Both lessons were helpful for the transitioning church. After each lesson, Doug answered questions relating to doctrine, women's role, opinion matters, and church functions.

As the church follows through on the teaching and challenges that were given, there is a great expectation for all members to be equipped in the word. With this, we heartily enjoin the teaching ministries worldwide to continue in their noble task of maturing the brotherhood.