Dear Renew Partners,

As this year ends, and 2019 begins, we are grateful for you.

I promised a monthly update to all RENEW PARTNERS. As this month and year ends, I want to send you some of the reasons for our optimism about RENEW.

  • We had a great network launch at the end of October – with 280 leaders (from 17 states and 7 countries) and a foundation of prayer. We launched with 12 eBooks outlining some of our key points of emphasis and momentum is building.

  • We are Launching Coaching Networks in January– we have about 10 ministers/pastors who are learning with and coaching about 30 other ministers/pastors/elders. These coaching networks will provide the glue of relationships around a shared focus on disciple making and with a commitment to Renew theology. We are also in conversation with Tony Twist and TCMI ( about international disciple making coaching for the teaching faculty of this international seminary.

  • We are Launching a Learning Community with Shodankeh
     Johnson – we will be inviting 10 emerging renew leaders (young, lead minister/pastors) to join this group with Shodankeh Johnson (co-hosted by Bobby Harrington and David Young). This co-hort will meet for 24 hours at a time and join together 3 times in 2019. In this way, Shodankeh will help some of our key young leaders to build a foundation for their ministries with fasting and prayer and strong strategic leadership. Please send us recommendations for this group – 1) young leaders (under 45), 2) strong leadership/preaching gifts, 3) aligned with RENEW theology and 4) committed to disciple making. Email

  • Our full Website is Expected to Launch at the End of February
     – we will be working diligently over the next two months to get bloggers, vloggers, and more eBooks. We hope to provide, over the years to come, a compliment to the Gospel Coalitions Website that features RENEW theology (Ariminian) focused on Disciple Making and Church Planting.

May God bless you as our Partners.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call either Bobby (615-582-0104) or Jason (615-979-7937)

Bobby Harrington