Dear UNBOXED followers,

I’m excited about a free resource and a new network for church leaders called the Renew Network ( I am joining people like Douglas Jacoby, Christian Ray, and others from our fellowship to be a part of this new network.

First, the network’s mission is to Renew Jesus’ Teachings for Disciple Making. They will have a lot of great discipleship material. For example, Renew Network is giving everyone access to their 
Church Leader’s Guide to Holistic Disciple Making.

This FREE guide gives you a 5-part framework to move from attracting spectators to equipping disciple-makers.

Click below to download Renew’s free guide:   

Second, I’d like to personally invite you to join me at the 
Renew Network Church Leaders Launch on October 24th in Franklin, Tennessee. They will focus on the 7 Key Elements of Renewal:

  1. Renewing the Spirit
  2. Adhering to God’s Reliable Word
  3. Surrendering to Jesus as Lord and King
  4. Intentional Relational Discipleship
  5. Loving like Jesus
  6. Real Life Holiness and Culture
  7. Catalytic Leadership
At this gathering, you’ll hear a variety of leaders discuss the 7 Key Elements of Renewal & how to cultivate them in your context to renew Biblical Christianity and Jesus-style disciple making.

You can find out more information & register for this event at

This is an incredible opportunity for you & your ministry team to be encouraged and equipped together:

I hope to see you there!

Richard Runge