The Renew tribe is inclusive – anyone can be a part of it. The process is self-selecting.  People join because they support the beliefs (theological convictions), the philosophy (disciple making and church planting), the leaders and the ministry of the network.

Next week we will be sharing with you a blog that Rick Oster from Harding School of Theology in Memphis wrote about why he helped to start Renew and why he believes that Renew’s ministry is so important.

Today we are excited to tell you about some new key leaders who have agreed to partner in speaking or other leadership roles. These leaders will help train and equip even more leaders and more disciples, so that Renew can impact more churches and people, to God’s glory.

  • Bob Russell was for many years the senior minister of Southeast Christian Church. He led the Louisville, Kentucky church to faithfulness, community impact and amazing growth (over 15,000). Though Bob stepped down from leading that church, it continues to increase its impact. He has been referred to as the spiritual father of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ because he is so widely respected. Bob is supporting the efforts of Renew and he will be speaking for us on “The Best of Disciple Making Today,” September 26th at The Creek, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Mark Moore taught Bible for over two decades at Ozark Christian College before moving to Christ Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona to be on the preaching team and raise up leaders. They now have over 33,000 in weekly attendance and they have learned a lot about reaching people. Mark has committed to help Renew by speaking at our annual gathering in Nashville, November 6th. At that time we will give you the opportunity to purchase his forthcoming book, Core 52, which will serve as a great introduction to Renew Theology.
  • Joanne Kraft is a sought-after speaker, writer, and women’s disciple maker. She is a frequent guest on Focus on the Family, Family Life Today and CBN. She is also the leader of Grace and Truth Living – Discipleship for Women. Joanne recently started coaching women disciple makers for Renew and in the coming year will be publishing a book on discipling women with us. We look forward to her presentation on this topic at the Renew Gathering, November 6th.
  • Matt Proctor is the President of Ozark Christian College. In addition to his leadership of this College which is focused on raising up preachers, missionaries, church planters, and scholars, Matt is a popular preacher and writer. He too is enthusiastic about Renew and he will be joining our lineup of speakers for our annual gathering, November 6th.
  • Ralph Moore is the founder of the Hope Chapel Movement, a movement of churches that was launched out of the Jesus Movement going back to the 1970s. Ralph started by planting churches that have planted churches and then it became a church planting movement that has resulted in over 2,400 churches that have been planted. Ralph and I (Bobby) have been friends for many years – he is passionate about reaching lost people and he recently committed to be a part of Renew to share with us his insights, especially about the future effectiveness of smaller, micro-churches.

Please watch for the teachings of these men and women in the videos and posts at Their partnership gives Renew the ability to provide leadership and direction to new people. They are joining in the greatest mission on planet earth – to renew the teachings of Jesus to fuel disciple making!

Bobby Harrington and Jason Henderson

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