Dear Renew Subscribers,

I am writing this from Calgary, Canada.

I grew up here and have come home for my father’s 85th birthday. While here, I met Saturday morning with a group of ministers/pastors from five Canadian churches (one joined us from Halifax, via Zoom). They are leaders from Independent Christian Churches, Churches of Christ, and International Churches of Christ. They are all godly people, committed to following Jesus.

But the churches they represent in Canada are not thriving.

In fact, I am not aware of any church in Canada with a Restoration Movement background that is thriving.

Some are plateauing; most are slowly declining, and a significant number have died. This is also true in the Evangelical community, as there are few thriving churches in Canada. The country of my birth and first 36 years is becoming more and more like Europe. Church leaders need renewal. And when they are renewed, they can lead their churches to renewal. They need renewal by God’s Spirit, to a focus on disciple making, fueled by the teachings of God’s Word.

We are praying that God will use Renew to help bring renewal and create thriving churches across Canada, in the USA, and in many other countries.

I am so thrilled that, even though we just launched, the leaders of four Canadian churches are receiving coaching from Renew Disciple Making coaches. Brett Andrews from New Life Christian Church in the Washington, D.C. area is coaching Tim Cook with The Crossing Christian Church, a church plant in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mike Rosser, who lived in Calgary from many years, before planting the Williamson County Church (outside Nashville) is coaching multiple church leaders in Niagara Falls, Ontario (and in China). And Rowlie Hutton, for many years the lead pastor of Kingsway Christian Church in Omaha, Nebraska just started coaching Kelly Carter with the Calgary Church of Christ and Bruce Boland with the Edmonton Church of Christ.

Can you stop and say a short prayer for these leaders? And I hope you can join me in praying that God will use Renew to effectively champion the teaching of Jesus to fuel disciple making in these places and beyond.

Bobby Harrington