Hi Folks,

As we seek to build a network of renew leaders, churches, and everyday disciples, we are having great initial conversations. This morning I am at the North American Christian Convention, which has been a vital national gathering for people from Independent Christian Churches for many decades. This is their last gathering.

I am speaking on making disciples for TCM (they have a Restoration Movement seminary in Eastern Europe, and are led by Tony Twist, one of Renew Network’s founders). I am having great conversations with many Christian Church leaders about Renew Network. It seems that God is moving ahead of me on almost every discussion.

Last week, I was in Canada speaking at a gathering of Evangelical pastors about disciple making. We were able to bring together twelve church leaders from Restoration Movement churches. Most of the twelve were senior ministers from the Greater Toronto Area, except Tim Cook who flew in from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

They came together, for the first time, in a collaborative meeting, with leaders of three Restoration Movement branches. Some of those in attendance were Jim Tune and several church planters (Christian Church), Guy Hammand and leaders from the Toronto Church of Christ (International Churches of Christ), and Paul Rasmussen (Waterloo Church of Christ). See the picture below.

They all gave a positive response to Renew Network. It was cool to see us all aligned around the same beliefs from the Bible.

I invited each of them to join our newsletter and to sign up to attend our Leadership Gathering in Nashville, October 24th.

Bobby Harrington

P.S. There has been a slight delay and we will not be able to launch our podcast and webinar series until July.