I have heard a new movement on the rise called the "New Atheists," and they recently held a "Blasphemy Day." They have attacked, mocked and belittled God, and it made me sick to my stomach reading the articles. They have received so much media attention and coverage. Do you have any information we can use to refute their claims? -- Chelley

What a great and pertinent question. Actually, the "New Atheists" aren't all that new. The "New Atheism" movement has been going for several years now, and is hallmarked by incendiary attacks on theism in general and Christianity in particular. Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett are the most outspoken representatives, and are sometime referred to as the "Four Horseman of the New Atheism." Their attacks have been so over-the-top that there is starting to be a backlash against them from within the atheistic community, sometimes called "third-wave atheism."

Refuting the atheist's claims is the job of the Christian apologist, and there is a plethora of material from Douglas Jacoby aimed directly at doing this. In addition to many articles on the website, pick up a copy of his new book Compelling Evidence (March 2010). Douglas' first book from Harvest House Publishing deals directly with arguments for the existence of God and the Christian faith. I also highly recommend any and all of Douglas' debates on DVD. These give the viewer a chance to see the claims of atheists/other religons presented and refuted in living color. They are both informative and entertaining. Last, go to Books... and then take a look at the Other Recommended Books tab. There is a whole section on evidences books.

If you are still hungry once you chew through all of that, write back and we will give you more resources.

IBTM Research Team