I read your interpretations about homosexuality. My question: If it is so against God, why did Jesus never make mention of it? I have fasted and asked many brothers to help me, but still God has not taken these feelings from me.

Of course I do not consider what I have posted about homosexuality to be just my interpretation. They are in fact the unanimous interpretation of the church from 33 AD until the present, with the minor exception of some of the more liberal commentators in the past few decades. If we are wrong, then all Christians have been wrong for two millennia, until just recently. Does this seem likely?  Anyway, here are my thoughts:

1. There are many things that are wrong in God's eyes, even though Jesus never mentioned them. Or shall we say, for which there is no record of a comment from Jesus. (He may well have addressed the issue of homosexuality -- it would be surprising indeed if he never made any comment! -- but this was not recorded in the gospels.) A helpful exercise might be to make a list of actions you're sure are wrong, yet which Jesus never mentioned.

2. Jesus upheld the Old Testament law, which is very clear about homosexuality. He didn't normally reiterate what everyone agreed on unless their interpretations were wrong -- as in several matters touched on in the Sermon on the Mount.

3. God may never take these feelings, these temptations from you. Everyone has his own weaknesses. He will probably never take away the temptation to gluttony from one prone to overeat. Nor will he automatically give patience to someone who is hot-blooded. The point is to manage your feelings, your temptations.

If you are still stuck, please write again and I will happily put you into contact with a minister from this background who will almost certainly be willing to enter into discussion with you. (He is helping many people, who write back to me with joy as they are finding real freedom in their Christian lives.)

He responds:

I appreciate your timely response and very un-emotional approach... The problem that conflicts for me is that this is not only about sex. I would hope that your wife makes your heart go faster... I am also making the assumption that you do not want to sleep with every woman that comes into your path. She is a partner that is special. I do not find myself able to make that bond with women... I have dated extensively in and out of the church... It does not work between myself and women. I believe that God made us to have a mate. Only a handful of men have made me want to be partners, they make all the bells go off. I cannot believe that God would withhold this from me. This is where I also assume that I have to trust my "intuition" with the Spirit, that either through translation, or some other manner the Bible, has been interpreted wrongly. I trust myself, and I have spent many years living my truth out. This is obviously something that you couldn't possibly understand because you don't struggle with it.

My second reply:

The scripture teaches that not everyone is made to have a mate -- so here I must disagree with you -- and even Jesus spoke of this (Matthew 19).  If you are not attracted to women, then one possibility is that you are meant to be celibate for life. Have you considered this?

Normally with counseling -- esp. working through family-of-origin issues -- one revises his relationship with his earthly father (and then his heavenly father), and sexual "orientation" can normalize. I am still willing to connect you with a man who may be able to help you. But I warn you, once you begin tampering with the word of God -- wishing away the parts you find inconvenient -- you will not find the answers you so desperately seek. It is illogical to turn to the scriptures to justify your desires and at the same time reject them when they contradict those desires. The scriptures testify that people can change (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-11). Please do not give up hope.