Was Jesus was a real man like you and me? I know this sounds weird, but yesterday I had a dream about the sky. I was flying, and when I turned my head up I heard a voice. It was a man's voice, but not too deep. It was kind of soft -- very relaxing -- and the voice said, "Amen, amen. Don't be afraid. I am with you all the time. I promise I won't let go." So what do you think it was? I have felt perfect since then. Please help me to know if that was a miracle or just part of my imagination? -- S.M.

Yes, Jesus was a real man, even though he is in heaven now. After his ascension he did speak to some of the apostles in the New Testament, but I doubt he does that any more today. Why would he have to do this? Besides, he has promised he is with us many times in scripture. (Why should it be repeated?)

Many of us have had dreams about flying; I certainly have! They are very enjoyable! As for the mystical experience, I believe the voice was just in your head. It was not Jesus speaking to you. We dream about things that mean a lot to us. I have dreamt about family members I wish were still alive. Or I have experienced anxiety in dreams, mirroring anxiety in the events of the following day. I have even dreamt I could walk on water! But all these experiences can be explained psychologically.

It is very common for deeply religious people to have experiences like this. But I don't think this is from heaven. It is from within, psychological.