I attended a Passover meal a few years ago, and my husband and I would like to do one with our Bible discussion group. The one I attended did a great job of explaining the traditional Passover feast while showing the symbolism of Jesus' life. We would really like it to be an inspiring evening for our group. Do you have an outline of how the Passover meal should work? -- Sara

No, but I would go to the book of Exodus first. Then there are Jewish traditions. The first Passover meal was eaten standing up, staff in hand... and somewhat hastily... Read Exodus 12!

Later tradition made it a "sit-down meal," though of course in ancient times it was nothing of the sort. In ancient times, as you may know, people ate reclining, leaning on their left elbow, eating with the right hand, on couches around the central table.

I have put on a couple of passover meals, trying to use the foods mentioned in the Bible. This is not hard to do. But you will need to decide what style of observance to follow.