I wanted to do a study on Messianic prophecies, so I found a website that had a list of many. I'm not sure if this is a credible website, because one of the prophecies seems questionable. They reference 2 Samuel 7:12-16, saying that Jesus is the One from David's offspring that will build the house for God's Name; and that is true in some ways. However, it seems that this passage is talking about Solomon. What do you think?--Chase Mackintosh (Cincinnatti, Ohio)

The passage is talking about Solomon. And Jesus! Jesus and Solomon are connected--Jesus himself makes the comparison in Matthew 12.

The Jews expected the Messiah to be the son of David. Jesus was. He built the temple (the spiritual temple, John 2, spiritually fulfilling Isaiah 2). The kingdom was to be eternal (Isaiah 9:6, Daniel 2:44), but there are some significant differences. Jesus never sinned. Hopefully these thoughts will get you going.