I have a question for you on behalf of another sister. She has written her first book about focusing on God while being faithful about getting married someday. It is for single women. I was helping her to find out how to go about publishing her book. Do you have some advice? --Daisy Loney

I will make a few suggestions:

* Has it been proofread? Before sending it to any publisher it should be in a presentable form.
* How is she qualified to write this book? (Knowledge of scriptures, success teaching the principles to others, experience sharing the material to various groups, etc.) It is not likely to be published if she is not perceived as being qualified.
* If I were her, I would ask my local friends and church leaders to read it and make suggestions. But also ask them for 100% honest feedback with the point blank question, Do you think this book has a strong chance of being published?
* Last, please click on for ideas on how your friend should craft a persuasive book proposal, which is the first step in getting published.