Who are the "two who are anointed" in Zechariah 4:14? I have studied this out myself and I cannot seem to figure it out. Maybe you could help. -- Chuck Hess

Around 520 BC, the spiritual and secular leaders of the people were Joshua and Zerubabbel. I agree with the assessment of Old Testament scholar Peter C. Craigie (The Twelve Prophets, Volume 2, in The Daily Study Bible Series):

"In the preceding vision the primary focus had been on Joshua, the spiritual leader of the people. Now it is clear that both Joshua and Zerubbabel, representing the civil government, have a role to play. And if the lampstand, representing the eyes of God, indicates the divine compassion for all the world flowing through the worship of Jerusalem's temple, then the vision as a whole emphasizes the importance both of the priestly family and the Davidic dynasty in carrying out the divine purpose."

In the OT, prophets, priests, and kings were anointed. Since "Messiah" comes from the Hebrew word for anointed, in a sense they were messiahs (small 'm'). Joshua and Zerubabbel, then, were the anointed ones referred to by the prophet Zechariah.

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