How did Christians in the first century study the Bible with non-Christians? Do you think there was a system of study or indoctrination they used? --Isabelle Glemmestad

While there is no evidence that they used a standard "study series," there is abundant evidence that they did teach those who were drawn to the faith before their conversion. I have laid out the rationale for methodically studying the Bible with interested non-believers in the 2006 edition of Shining Like Stars, (now called Until the Nets Are Full.)Please see especially chapters 10 and 14. Chapter 10 gives the biblical warrant for such studies, while chapter 14 even gives one possible approach--taken wholly from the Old Testament. Remember, there was no New Testament for most of the first century. It was only beginning to take shape at mid-century, and was not disseminated broadly until the 2nd century (100-199 AD).

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