I love hip-hop and rap music, but I hear rappers say a lot of things against God's word, things that insult him. Then this leads me to think about things I know I shouldn't. I am addicted to this music. When I stop listening to it, my thoughts begin to clear up, but when I go back to it, they become sinful again. I think the music either started or widened the problem. How can I get a pure new heart? How can I break free?

Sounds like you need to lay off the rap music! Not all rap is bad, but then a lot of it could lead people away from God. In your case, I think you have made the right diagnosis yourself!

Responds musician Jason Reichert: "Just a suggestion, but maybe you can refer that brother who struggles with rap music to Arrested Development. Speech's music is clean, has no cursing and is still Rap or Hip Hop, whatever you want to call it. This is the website. I would hate for him to give up on the music altogether when there are other options to enjoy without violating his conscience."

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