In Philippians 1:23, Paul says that he wants to depart and be with Christ (which is better by far), but according to multiple articles written by you and others -- and my own Bible study confirms this -- when you die you go to Sheol, where there is a very good place, Paradise, and a very bad place. Now if Paul died and went to Sheol/Hades, he wouldn't have been with Christ if he was there only a couple of days, and is now in heaven. Can you explain this? --Colin Lewis

Paul is not in heaven. Moreover, Christ is everywhere. (See Psalm 139 -- even in Sheol!)

Maybe an analogy can help. When I visit the Czech Republic in August, I may rightly say to my friends, "I'm heading to the airport now. I am en route to Prague." The fact is, however, I will be stopping for 4-5 days in London (teaching AIM). Only then will I fly to Prague. In the same way, there is an intermediate stop en route to meeting the Lord. Being in Hades means we are one (very important!) step closer to seeing Him.

We have to take account of all the relevant passages, which is why I think the intermediate stop idea best fits with doctrine of the intermediate state of the dead.

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