I have been having weird nightmares for a long time now and I am wondering what the cause might be. I have a lot of guilt inside and I do think that might be it. Also, I am taking medications that may cause nightmares. What does the Bible say about dreams? I couldn't find anything. I would appreciate it if you could email me back and help me out in this situation. -- J.B.

Thanks for your email. The Bible does not say anything directly about dreams and their interpretation. Unless we are to believe that the Lord speaks to all of us as though we were prophets (Numbers 12), which I doubt very much!

Dreams reflect our inner psychological state. Anxiety? You might dream you are late for an event or being hunted down by the mafia. Guilty? You might have similar feelings (Proverbs 28:1!) Not praying enough? The worries of the day can crowd out sleep. Pray more! Medications influence our brains, and can easily affect our dreams. One correspondent told me when he was taking anti-depressants, he had extremely vivid and violent nightmares. His doctor informed him that this is quite common, so perhaps a change in medication is in order.

Should we look for a meaning in our dreams? No. Not a deeper meaning. Usually, in my experience, my dreams are merely thinly veiled reshapings of things I am wrestling with or facing in my waking life.

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