I was talking to a guy on campus today, and we got into a discussion about God's view on homosexuality. I began to show him the obvious scriptures: Romans 1 etc. But he then said that he doesn't trust the words written by Paul, only the words of Jesus in the gospels (which are obviously confused, since Jesus' hand didn't write the gospels anyway), and he didn't want to hear anything from the Old Testament, since "it doesn't apply any more under the new covenant." I proceeded to 2 Timothy 3:16, but to no avail he brought up the Apocrypha, Gospel of Thomas, etc). He demanded to see where Jesus actually condemns homosexuality. I showed him Matthew 15:19, but he wouldn't accept sexual immorality as pertaining to homosexuality. Obviously this guy has much more to deal with than just one issue (as we all do), but how would you respond in a situation like this? --Nick (Gainesville, Florida)

Thank you for your question. Following are a few thoughts, though for more ideas I would search the website, and also purchase a book or two from a Christian bookstore (perhaps www.christianbook.com) on the subject. Try this site.

1. I would ask him about his family, and esp. his relationship with his father. Absent, harsh, or abusive fathers sometimes bring up homosexual boys.
2. Remind him that God's righteous standards do not change, because God does not change (Malachi 3, Hebrews 13).
3. Avoid simplistic solutions. While God gives us grace to overcome our temptations, he does not "cure" homosexuality -- not without a lot of perseverance, character-building, time, love, and spiritual growth.
4. I'd get him into the scriptures themselves! They can bring anyone (who is willing) to faith!

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