Concerning the previous discussion of malakoi and arsenokoites posted on your Q&A board: If the connotation of Paul's use of the word malakoi is effeminacy, not merely the commission of homosexual acts, how are we to regard such behavior within the church? That is, if a brother's actions or mannerisms are effeminate, as per our cultural norms, is this sinful? I am willing to teach and correct as may be necessary, but I am hesitant to speak where the Word does not. This matter has come up with increasing frequency in recent months, and I would truly appreciate your insights. -- Tom Richardson (Orlando, Florida)

Malakoi can mean "soft, effeminate, luxurious." There is some semantic breadth to the term, isn't there?

I think if a man is deliberately affecting feminine behavior, that is an issue to focus on, and likely involves a sin to be repented of, in my view. But sometimes this is hard to define. (How slender do your biceps have to be to qualify for effeminacy? How about a man with a high voice?) Some people are brought up in an effeminate environment, and have acquired certain mannerisms. I do not think such fall into the category of vice.

And I certainly appreciate your determination to speak (only) where the Bible speaks.

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