In my local church, a couple of times a sister has led church songs, or led the benevolence offering (prayed and read scripture). My understanding was that leading songs would be leading hearts in worship, which would be having leadership or authority over the congregation, as would be leading in prayer or Bible reading. I was also under the impression that if a sister was introduced by a brother (showing submission to his leadership) or praying with a brother during service, that it would be biblically acceptable. Could you please give clarification as to what is biblical in this area? -- Anthony Houchin

* Perhaps it is arguable that a sister reading the scripture is "preaching." That to me seems a gray area.
* "Leading hearts" is a very nebulous concept, hard to define. I think the logic would lead to sisters not being allowed to worship with brothers at all, followed to the nth degree...
* About sisters praying, Paul allowed that (1 Corinthians 11).
* Sisters leading a song -- I myself do not see how that counts as teaching or having authority, but again that is an opinion matter. I have had sisters in my ministry lead songs for many years.
* As for a sister being "introduced by" a brother so that she has authority to speak: If that makes okay what wasn't okay before, then why couldn't she preach?

The logic seems suspect to me. For what they are worth, those be my thoughts!