Do you have any references for the Baha'i Faith and their teachings? I have seen references to most other religions on your website, but not this one. What can you refer me to? -- Stephen Morton (Tacoma)

My first introduction to this most eclectic faith was one of my roommates at Harvard Divinity School, who was preparing to become a Baha'i historian. In the 1970s-1980s, I also remember seeing photos of Baha'is being hanged in Iran. They were severely persecuted for their faith. 

Their founder was Baha'ullah, and Baha'is teach a very broad road, very different to the Muslims. Nor are they known to be cooperative with totalitarian fundamentalist states--hence the executions.

Given the Baha'i openness to most religions, I am surprised that this religion has not caught on more in the west. I think the easiest way to learn more might to visit their website,