In Acts 22:16, where Paul is told, "Arise, be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on the name of the Lord," my Amplified Bible says that the phrase "wash away your sins" is linked to calling on the name of the Lord. They basically render the verse to read that Paul was told to do two separate things: (1) be baptized and (2) wash away his sins by calling on the name of the Lord. Is this a correct rendering of the Greek text? -- Trail Reeves

Washing away sins is linked with baptism and calling on the name of the Lord. We call on the name of the Lord in baptism. The Amplified Bible takes a lot of liberties. I think it can be a good tool, but do beware. When I take a bath, I become clean. Washing and becoming clean are not two separate things. Without the one, the other is not possible.

As one Jewish writer put it, trying to read the Bible in translation is like kissing your bride through her veil. Well--maybe it isn't that difficult! I have written on this subject at the website. Also see the two baptism studies in Till the Nets Are Full (formerly Shining Like Stars).

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