In reading Hosea, I found that in several places Ephraim is singled out. I understand that Hosea was prophesying to Israel in general, but what is the reason for the emphasis on Ephraim? Also, I noticed that Ephraim is one of the two tribes left out in Revelation 7 (although both "Joseph" and Manasseh are included). Is there a connection with the above? -- Alberto W. Schirmer

Ephraim is an alternate name for (northern) Israel. The Israel to which Hosea was prophesying was not southern Israel (Judah), but northern Israel (Israel, or Ephraim).

Perhaps in Revelation the word Ephraim is not used because (northern) Israel was led into idolatry under Jeroboam. To make room for Ephraim, as you will also notice, in the Revelation list Dan is omitted. Dan was a tribe deeply involved with idolatry and immorality (see, for example, Judges 18). If there is a connection, I imagine it lies in the area of idolatry.

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