If you discovered a truth that was truer than the Bible, would you go for it? In other words, if you were to discover there to be a higher truth than the Scriptures, do you really love truth enough to put your convictions aside and follow it?... I think truth comes before faith; faith does not produce an independent truth. Where do you stand? -- Chris Boyer

Well, I have not (so far) found a philosophy or belief system that made the Bible seem "untrue," or which itself seemed "truer" than the Word of God. I have studied every major world religion, as well as dozens of philosophies and a large number of Christian denominational doctrines. I am convinced that I follow the Bible because I believe it to be true. Every year I find more evidence--not always in favor of every view I hold, but in support of the general direction my faith is leading me. Yet--and this is where the question has special merit--if I am to be a person of integrity, I must follow the truth wherever it leads. Even if it leads me into a crisis of faith.

This is the sort of change that Saul of Tarsus was willing to undergo--though admittedly only after being stopped in his tracks by Jesus Christ himself! A different form of the question might be, "Would I be willing to give up my most sacred traditions and interpretations if they are proven wrong?" While I'd like to assume my own total objectively and consistency, I hesitate to insist on it too loudly.

So I would say, in reply to your question, "Yes. I would be willing to make huge adjustments to my worldview and beliefs." But you will have to convince me first! Because faith is not only a blind trust in God; it is a response to evidence.

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