I wanted to see if A.I.M. is an accredited school, and whether I might be able to take a few classes. I need nine electives to fulfill my degree requirement for the bachelors of management. I was wondering if I could take them as Bible classes. Please advise. -- Teresa Rush

Your university may decide to extend credit for work done--show them the AIM document and particularly the requirements and bibliography. But no, we do not currently have accreditation. To receive that, we must graduate the first entire class (this happened in 2005) --on the two-year cycle of AIM; then employ a full-time librarian (!); and much more!

I estimate it would take about $500,000 to make this happen! Anyway, do check with your university. In the past, several universities have extended college credit for these classes. Also, through Lincoln Christian University a number of the AIM units count for college credit.

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