I just finished reading and studying Revelation, and here is my question: If Herod Agrippa I sent John to the Island of Patmos, when did he do it? My Bible dictionary tells me old Herod died in AD 44! -- Joyce Arnett

I doubt very much that Herod Agrippa I exiled John! (Perhaps the writer was confusing Herod Agrippa I with Herod Antipas, who imprisoned John the Baptist?) The strongest early church tradition is that the emperor Domitian was responsible for this. Domitian ruled 81-96 AD. Other scholars place Revelation--and hence John's exile--earlier, but none, as far as I know, earlier than the time of Nero.

Nero came to the throne in 54 AD, and probably did not persecute any Christians until 64 AD. In short, if your Bible dictionary told you Herod Agrippa I was responsible, it is plainly wrong. It is off by at least 20 and possibly 50 years!

A word of warning: many Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias are based on secondary or tertiary sources. You can have a higher level of confidence when you are dealing with the primary sources, or at least with writers who have done their homework, rather than relying on others.

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