I have read your article on the Trinity, but still have a question. Nowhere in scripture does it say that Jesus is God. It only says he is the Son of God. Nor does scripture say that the Holy Spirit is God. True, the scripture speaks of the close relationship that the three have. In regard to their purpose, they are all one. Could the Trinity be just a man-made doctrine, one that has oversimplified the truth? Shouldn't it be said that God is the Father, Jesus is the Son, and the Holy Spirit is the counselor -- three completely separate entities that are of the same family and purpose? -- Matt Bates (Bryan, Texas)

How we define Trinity may be somewhat negotiable, but not the divinity of Jesus. In many places the Scriptures say explicitly and implicitly that Jesus is God. I strongly encourage you to study hard and discover these passages for yourself. They are numerous and there is no getting around them. Let me know how your study goes! Just to start you off, see John 1, Titus 2, and 2 Peter 1.

Update: This brother emailed back, having done his "homework," and was very encouraged to see how clearly the Bible teaches the divinity of Jesus Christ.

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