I appreciate your answers to the questions concerning dating and whether to marry. I recall you writing that if you have the gift of celibacy you should consider remaining single for life. Well, I am considering this, but have come across some obstacles. First, people even in my church cannot fathom why one would want to remain single. I do not know any other way I can show my perspective apart from sharing the relevant scriptures with them. I am also probably the only one in my congregation who would consider such a thing--which can make one feel alone since so few can relate. And because so few in this church aspire to remain single, there are no examples to help me. Outside of Jesus and Paul, I cannot find any other person who has lived this way who is a source of inspiration. Do you know of any books on other Christians (historical or contemporary) who might be good examples and inspirations for this lifestyle? -- Anonymous

Excellent question. I need to look into this one. I am sure there are some books out there with the information you seek. (Do email me back with any bibliographical references if you find them before I do!) I wish I could help you. In the meantime, I would suggest you contemplate the enormous productivity--with contentment--of the apostle Paul and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I too feel somewhat "alone" in my position. I have never heard a teacher or preacher espouse this position, even though it seems to have the solid backing of Jesus and Paul (Matthew 19; 1 Corinthians 7). I realize it is culturally unpopular. (If abstinence is considering weird in our secular society, how much more celibacy for life!)

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