I just want to know about the biblical explanation of the Sunday church service. I am referring to such features as the welcome, opening prayer, communion, benevolence collection, message, response, and announcements. Can these perhaps take place in any order? What is the best way of having a worship service? Please give me all the scriptures. -- Nielson Abalos (Manila)

Guess what? The Bible does not specify one particular way, let alone a divinely sanctioned order. Now the old covenant did have some rather precise rules regarding worship and sacrifice, but not the new covenant! Nothing is legislated. See Hebrews 9:1.

Anyway, you are as able as I am to find the scriptures laying out how church should be conducted. Though you will not find much, all you need to do is to skim through the New Testament. About worship, you will find further material at the website. You might also want to get hold of Tozer's little book, Whatever Happened to Worship?

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