My question is from Revelation. I notice that the letters to the churches are addressed to the angels over those churches. My question is, Are the angels responsible for taking care of us as individuals and also held responsible for the shortcomings mentioned by Jesus to those churches?

No, the angels are not responsible for the churches' sins. In my understanding, the bad angels are all in Tartarus, and the good angels can no longer fall. Some understand the angels to be the messengers of the churches (human ones, since angelos can be translated angel or messenger). I myself do not lean towards this view. Or the mention of angels may be a literary device--which would not be surprising in an apocalyptic book like Revelation.

At any rate, we as individuals are responsible for our choices, and the same is true at the church level. Both levels are important for understanding spiritual causes and effects. Everyone needs to take responsibility! You can't plead, "The devil made me do it!" (Or, "The angel made me do it"!)

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