Is it really wrong for a Christian to use violence against his enemies? -- [Many questions]

Violence was not the way of the Lord. Non-resistance was his position as well as the stance taken by the early church.  Sure, there may be times when as people understand the will of God, follow their conscience, and strive best to protect their families, they feel compelled to "draw the sword." (I can almost imagine myself doing so in certain circumstances.) But this is hard to justify biblically.

I lament the lack of serious biblical study on the issue. Those who reason "Whatever the government tells me to do I will do" (Romans 13!) are ignoring a host of scriptures. (Including the end of Romans 12!) Daniel would not compromise for anything even though ordered to do so by the highest authority (Daniel 6). Jesus refused to be pushed to do what was wrong.

Each one must study this out and come to his own conclusion. Many, if not most, who do so will embrace non-resistance. Further scriptures to consider: Joshua 5:13, Romans 12:17-21.

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