Is it more difficult for some people to live as disciples than for others? I realize that all of us need to die every day which is a sobering fact. But can one disciple's dying be of more pain/severity than others? I feel like two disciples can fight the same temptation. But that one is more affected from the pain of the battle and the other isn’t.—Clayton Bellmor (Athens Georgia)

Yes, I do think it is harder for some Christians than for others. For you as for me, it's easier during some periods than during others. (Sometimes the period may even last a few years!) It may be harder for some people, for example those “brought up in the church,” who may have felt various pressures associated with being “kingdom kids,” especially when their parents are serving in leadership positions. Even our upbringing, DNA, and any traumatic experiences can deeply shape how we experience God and deal with temptation. So the playing field isn’t level for all.

That may not sound fair, but we believe in a just God who is fundamentally fair; everything will be taken into account. Perhaps those given greater burdens to bear have been given a gift: the responsibility of being an upward call and inspiration to others. To those easy situations, revealing their excuses and complaints for what they are; for those in difficult situations, a source of inspiration to keep going forward.

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