I read your recent response to the matter of missing meetings. My dilemma is a little different. I am an athlete and have decided to compete in a decathlon. This has been my ambition since taking up athletics seriously 6 years ago. The competition is scheduled for a weekend and would probably involve missing a Sunday service. Personally speaking, it does not offend my conscience to miss one meeting, and I am training with two guys who I am building a relationship with, praying that God will use the bonds we are developing to plant seeds so that they will want to visit church with me. I would be grateful for some direction. -- Randal Porter

You are already trying to follow the word of God. Conscience can also be a useful guide. It sounds like you are striving to honor Christ a Lord, so I would not worry too much about your situation. Stay connected with your brothers in Christ, and if possible, listen to the messages you miss online.

In short, Go in peace!