I've been reading and studying the Book of Ephesians. I have come across the term saint/saints several times (Ephesians 1:1; 15-18; 3:18; 6:18). I am confused as to who the saint/saints in this book are. Can you please give me some insight into this word? -- James Argilagos

The "saints" (hoi hagioi in the original Greek) are Christians! Along with brother, believer, and many other terms, saint was a common appellation for any believer.

In time of course, with the cult of saints, the definition changed. Those who had given their lives for the cause were accorded special honor (understandably) and the term soon became reserved for the martyrs and especially righteous persons, and was no longer being applied to Christians in general. (Sad...)

Short answer: the saints are those who heard Paul's letter to the Ephesians read aloud. Anyone trying to live a Christian life is a saint. So thanks you for your question, St. James.

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