Do you think Christians need a discipling partner?

I have spoken often to this question, but if it helps, I will answer again. All Christians need input. We need one-another relationships, and there are dozens of verses in the NT to this effect.

1:1 discipling partnerships are not found in the NT, though in principle they may work very well, especially for younger believers. Whether we have prayer partners, discipleship groups, or just a few close friends who speak the truth in love, we all need relationships that call us higher.

I prefer not to quibble about words, but the notion of "one over one" discipling is problematic. Finally, I would say that if you have one (and only one) person in your life who knows you and is willing to challenge you to do your best for God, you are in a precarious situation. We all need multiple one-another relationships. For more on this, consult a concordance and look up the "one-another" passages.

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