I was wondering what your thoughts were on boxing, mixed martial arts, etc. I have been watching them for years but recently an older brother challenged another brother and me on watching these types of events.  He mentioned that people who watch and have others watch with them are bringing on God's wrath and judgment. Is he right?  What do you think of this? --  Jamie Quist

Well, it is hard for me to imagine Jesus favoring them, since God hates violence, as we read in Malachi. I'm not so sure about the wrath and judgment part, though. Perhaps I'm overreacting, but I think we as a culture and as biblically conservative churches are pretty desensitized in this area.

The early church did not watch these sorts of events, at least not commonly until the 4th century--the time of the Great Apostasy!  So as far as blood sports, the record of church history seems to vote resoundingly in the negative.

You'll need to come to your own conclusion, but better to err on the side of caution than of indiscretion.