I see so many thing changing in my church -- some good, some bad. Everyone keeps saying "God is in control." What do you say?

"God is in control" may be comforting words to some, but I would ask what the person who says these words is really trying to say. That God is on his throne, ruling in heaven, and he is sovereign? I have no problem with that. That God will necessarily intervene and rescue us from the consequences of our actions? That I doubt; it does not seem to be his way. That God will control our leaders and inspire them to do the right thing? No: again, this is not God's way. He seems so reluctant to force anyone to do anything.

"God is in control" is stating the obvious, and so these words are generally superfluous. Yet some have used the saying to back up the status quo: "God is in control of the church." "God is with us and our system." This is stating a biblical untruth: for God may be with us, but he does not control us. Room must be left for human responsibility, for our own part. Otherwise when things don't go right in our own lives, or in congregational life, we'd develop negative feelings towards God (Proverbs 19:3).

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