I have a friend who visited nudist camps in South America years ago, and ever since has visited other camps in other countries. She has expressed that the people who gather there have an open mind about things. She expresses that people there act normally and wander around without any concerns of what people think of their anatomy. They have a "naturalist" way of life. I believe it's a sinful way of life and would like some scriptures to back it up... can you help? -- Eugene

Well, to begin with, people in nudist camps are not sinless souls inhabiting the Garden of Eden. If not for the Fall, perhaps there would be no problem. But sin is a reality, and the Bible teaches that clothing became the norm after the Fall. In fact, the Lord himself assisted with clothing the first couple!

If these people are really open, they will probably be willing to consider God's point of view. This would include scriptures on modesty (and there are many), as well as scriptures on lust, tempting others, and so on. (You might begin with 1 Timothy 2, Ephesians 5, and Romans 14.)

The Bible does have a "safe" place where a man and a woman can dispense with clothing: it's called marriage. But, as I do not know whether you are a single brother or married, my reply probably should stop here.

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