I would like to know more about the remnant of God. How do we know which church is the actual remnant? -- Robert

The "remnant" (Isaiah 10:22 and other passages) refers to the Israelites who have determined to seek God and whom he spares (usually) from destruction. Even though the majority of those associated with the worship of God are not "on track," the remnant are in a different category. They are faithful to his word.

Yet to seek to identify a church group, or institution, with the remnant is to commit the exact mistake "non-remnant" Jews made in the Old Testament: to assume the holiness of the entire body. (See Numbers 16:3, Jeremiah 7:4-8.) Any time we become convinced that we are God's gift to the world, we are in danger of not being a part of the remnant. At any rate, this Old Testament concept may have legitimate applications in these NT times, but whatever the applications we make, we must be careful to handle the Bible correctly as we do so.

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